When life gives you oranges...

You eat them.




That should be a watermelon.

When life gives you annoying oranges… You throw them from the toilet :3:

Don’t you mean INTO the toilet?

To where though?



Yessssss :mmmhmm:

That orange looks big enough to be a grapefruit.

This picture is so amazing it made me have an orangegasm.

Wow. Good to have you back. When combine_dumb posts we are guaranteed quality.

I don’t understand what’s so special about this?

Licking combine’s delicate asshole I guess.

You keep that language up and I’ll be the one licking your asshole boy.



Silly man, you can’t eat an orange like that. You have to peel it first.

I feel the need to post in this thread.

The screenshot sucks though.