When Melons Attack

A simple gamemode, buggy, unfinished, but releasing for anyone crazy enough who would like to take over the project, develop further, destroy it, eat it, stuff it down the back of the sofa,etc.


(I would use the video tag, but it seems to be dead jim)

Just some videos of the several that somehow appeared on Youtube from people who played the Gamemode on my server.

Due to full time work, a girlfriend, a volunteering commitment and never ending ill health, I am unable to commit further to this project I started. (I took me about 4 years to get it to a game play state, I kept forgetting to do it :dance:).

Here is a basic overview of the gamemode:
-Randomised map is chosen

  • Each map has a melon spawner (Big blue trash dumpster thing)
  • Melons come from the trash dumpster during the ‘waiting for next round’ stages (30 seconds)
  • Players shoot the melons to gain points, which can be used in pointshop to buy extra stuff.
  • Player frags = More guns for free
  • Player with most frags wins (Not sure if I ever implemented this, I might of done, I can’t remember)
  • Total of 5 rounds (5th round the spawner spawns melons non stop (until the set limit of ‘alive melons’ it met)

The melons scream and shout, and jump at the players, causing them damage during the rounds, during the round break, the melons become ‘invincible’ and just laugh when shot :smile:

The code is messy but fairly self explanitory. The melons spawner location can be moved by changing the location is the spawner location file.


Thanks to everyone and anyone who played, and gave feedback during development, I had fun, I know most of you had fun, and hopefully someday, a better lua coder than I am can improve this mess of a game mode and make something truly amazing with it.
I am releasing this, with no restrictions, do with it what you will, no need to credit!

Thanks, and no flowers please!

Technically a bump. But a bump of some significance!

The download link is now included. I completely forgot to upload it due to poor health!

It is now available!

When Melons Attack Download