When moving to a certain area of a map, it connects you to a different server

Well right now, I own the community Melon Messiah, which has 3 servers, each a different city. I was wondering, how do I make it so that if a person goes into a certain area, it connects them to the different IP. Also, how about adding text above, such as “EvoCity Entrance” or something of the like?

This can be easily done in Hammer, like so.

Just use the “connect (ip)” command instead of impulse 100 or jpeg.

if you can code lua you can execute the command steam://connect/IP:PORT/password

Oh hello rtheone. Well, we’re using public maps, we don’t want people having to delete their version of <rpmaphere> because Melon Messiah edited the map by a small fraction.

@ mishappp, The thing is, I can’t code lua worth a shit. I can edit fine, by making lua scripts is something I couldn’t do for the life of me.

just do it, they can download the newer version by joining the server.

The thing is, I’ve found that most clients that have to download alot of files/a few big files, tend to lose interest and disconnect to join a different server that doesn’t have too much custom content


Also, wouldn’t it just be able to use the xyz position from getpos?