When new keys will be put on sale ?

because I missed the first sale :suicide:

(User was banned for this post ("this didn't need another thread/read the website" - postal))

When the devs think it’s necessary.

You will have to wait for a drawing or beta.

According to the playrust/buy they sold 300+ keys than they planned to so its very unlikely

ok thanks you for your answers

I think they will I just think they want to see how there servers run when they are filled with players ? to see if they need to upgrade any software or whatever


yeh they said they were going to put keys back up for sale during this week sometime

Don’t see how Garry estimated weeks to months of auction sales, and cancels it after only 6 days.

I thought they over did it and sold too many so there wont be another sale until they get more servers opened up.

They sold 300 more keys than planned, they planned to sell 100 a day, so i’d say 3 days?

right now lol

they were just up for like 5 minutes, now their down again, luckily I clicked on the paypal “Buy now” before so now I can still buy it :slight_smile: