When people have weapons out it shows a camera instead

Hi, On my server when people are holding weapons it looks like theyre holding a camera instead. Its a really weird glitch/bug. Has anyone else had this problem or know a fix?


Is it only you or do all your players see the same? What gamemode are you running?

All players see the same, it is DarkRP 2.5.1

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Any ideas?

I am Pretty new to lua coding so this is just a guess to look up on before you try anything. What I have noticed when adding sweps when you don’t add the texture files into the server it will replace it with another item. I would just check and make sure that the file location of where you are getting the gun model is correct. Then again. This is just a guess and I run a TTT server.

I doubt that, They were working fine the other day and I havnt added anything. Kind of a pain for RP situations.

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Bump, Any ideas?

It sounds like a holdtype issue, are these custom weapons?

M9K, Submachine guns and Pistols