When Portal 2 comes out, will any changes be included to GMod?

I’m sure a few of us have been wanting to know if any changes will be included to Garry’s Mod after Portal 2 is released.

So we have all this new fancy stuff, naming a few;

-Dynamic lighting
-Dynamic water, or at least a rough version of it (look at the trailers where the blue Gel is being placed over 4 turrets)

And the other stuff I’m being lazy to mention.

But we have all this awesome new stuff, only a few of this did we see in Alien Swarm (the Lighting of course was most notable), so could we be seeing a major engine update after Portal 2?

Yes. Although I’m pretty sure the dynamic lighting is just the lamps we have right now, and the dynamic water is just particles that look a bit watery.

Ah that’s bloody clever. Never considered that :v:

But I’m sure the dynamic lighting right now is a bit laggy, not as bad as the ‘Lights’ tool (my god), or is that because of something else?

So, in other words, it will be the same except with Portal 2 Props?

The light is slow. The projected texture light isn’t.

I’m not being sarcastic. I just don’t know how to phrase it without sounding sarcastic. :v:


Automerge broken by garry :ninja:

What do you mean the light is slow?

I think he means it takes a while for it to make the necessary function calls to render or project the texture. Having that projected from map start makes it much easier/faster to render, thus not lagging as bad. It also helps if the source of the light isn’t moving…

Also, Hi Garry!

IIRC the dynamic water is based off a pre-orangebox entity called “npc_surface”.

Someone ported it into gm_construct and made a video of it; it looked really cool.

What about the gel stuff. Will that be included or will LUA have to do it?

Where is this video?

Yeah, don’t tell us about something without linking it!

And I highly doubt that, if that is true then why haven’t we seen or have heard anything on it?

Thats npc_surface.

I saw it on garrysmod.com a while ago.

Adstheratz beat me to it, but yeah I’m fairly certain that’s what the gel stuff in Portal 2 will be based off.

I hope we can use it and turn it into water somehow.

Sounds very exciting :smiley: I think some features like this would greatly enhance future movies made with Gmod :smiley:

this is a triumph **
** im making a note here Huge success its hard to over state my satifaction

All you’d need to do is make the stuff in the video slightly transparent and there you have it.

However I don’t think you’d be able to make it fill stuff like true dynamic water

If you have an entity that, when it touches another entity, their textures sort of “bond” and their models stick until a certain force separates them, and then add 5000 of said entities into an area it’s still a poor simulation of Dynamic water.