When Purchased Rust Key.HELP!!

Hey all,
I am just wondering when will i get my key for my rust i purchased mine yesterday and i got the receipt but no code for the key…
Help me!!! when will i receive my code key

You get it instantly. You get 3 emails. A receipt, a thank you ( i think ), and a code.

But i haven’t got the code yet… Only 2 emails


Press thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s this on what happens when enter my email do they resend the code? http://transactions.sendowl.com/orde...rchant_id=3146

Yes,enter your email(PayPal) http://transactions.sendowl.com/order_recoveries/new?merchant_id=3146

And it will be sent

How long will it take?

Immediately.Dude,just give it a try instead of asking…unless you still did not receive it.

I did it but i haven’t received it yet!!!

Create a support ticket.Check your SPAM inbox

Patience is the key here :v:

I think because of the weekend things will take time. My advice is to sent in a ticket and have some patience. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s all good guys Garry Fixed it

Good to hear! Have fun player :slight_smile:

Wanna team up?

do you need a group?im playing solo and would be great if i have a fren to play with…PM me your skype/ICQ if you want

Not online atm. Will be later today. Sure wanna team up! :slight_smile:

you said you had esco your neigbor

Was just f*cking around :wink: