When Rebels Strike Back: Chapter 1 Part 1: The Beginninging

This first comic is to establish the rest of my gmod comic series, WRSB. Thanks

oh okay you do make comics alright

The timing of this release makes me… well, uncomfortable.


Well, the comic title and the “next time” look amazing.

The muzzle flashes look very “comicy”.

Constructive Feedback

You made this with Garry’s Mod right? Please use the Camera tool. I can see the claw of the Gravity Gun in frame 3. I will treat frame 1 and 2 as a First Person perspective.

Use the lamp tool to brighten the comic.

Aw jeez, that is unfortunate. It’s nothing like that, this has been in the works for a while but only this weekend did I just get out of finals.

It’s proof to LT that I am a true blue comic makerue.

I’m 99.9% sure this is a parody.

Of what, I don’t even know anymore, because it seems to be 7 years too late.

well I mean its a ‘comic’ by definition, but I’m not sure this qualifies you as a ‘comic maker’ I mean I’m pretty sure there’s like a guy that has to give you that title like a lawyer or doctor or garbage collector

Oh, then I’m qualified to do that.

Hmmm, certainly one of the more interesting/entertaining comics to come out in the last few days.

Pretty fresh approach, not a rehash of something we have already seen done before/better except less funny and really serious… yeah I like this.

Good job.

It’s nice to have comics that aren’t too pretentious, good work.

This is the first Gmod comic I’ve enjoyed since the last issue of the banner (And we all know the next one is never coming out!). I really hope to see where you go with this seeing as it is the only interesting thing on the block.

My God, I’m getting depressed here, you guys.

Thanks, garrys mod has been real finicky for me lately so lamps weren’t an option and the flashlight is too intense. For chapter 1 part 2 I think I’ll just stick with lighter parts of maps until I can find a solution.

You’re the one who challenged my status as a gmod comic maker in the first place, it is you that must give me the title. Accept me, LT!!!

Please try to be a little less negative, besides the author would probably prefer some more relevant feedback.

Sorry if I’m stepping on some toes here I just got a little peeved glancing over that post.

Oh sorry man, yeah, I should just have rehashed your post but more seriously.

Wow look at this guy coming in and souring the mood. This clearly isn’t a thread about you and whatever comics you make. Can we please stay on the topic of Boltstrike’s comic WHEN REBELS STRIKE BACK?

Wow hostile, also way to be self centered and assume I was talking about you. I’ve literally never even seen or heard of you before, I’m sure your comic or screenshot compilation is actually totally cool. In the future you should probably just ask for feedback instead of reacting awkwardly on an unrelated thread.


Was being sarcastic. Though I guess I did have it coming with that screencap of the tweets in the Comic Discussion Thread, but I wasn’t trying to brag there. Should’ve kept it to myself, I get that.

But yes, sure, it isn’t about me, yadda yadda. My apologies for going off-topic, let’s get back on it then.

Yeesh. Kinda rough… I mean I get the whole “Trolly purpose” of the comic, but really? Was it worth it?

Edit: But seriously though, great work.