When Rust crashes, it eats my mouse cursor and forces a complete system restart [Win8]

This is a problem that’s been bothering me for a bit too long, and I’m wondering if this is affecting anyone else either.

When Rust crashes or freezes, or occasionally when I minimize the window and come back to a black screen, it consumes the mouse cursor indefinitely. I attempt to ctrl+alt+delete but strangely the mouse only functions in the bottom tray. Everywhere else it doesn’t appear. Right-clicking on the Rust icon and “closing window” doesn’t work either. The only way to close the game is through the Task Manager and it won’t work without the mouse. Even with using the keyboard commands/tabbing doesn’t work.

It simply forces a complete computer reset and it’s annoying as hell.

I run on Windows 8 Premium, 64bit. No idea what’s causing this.

Exact same issue i am having, happens mainly in the Snow Biome at around midnight until day time. Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 Bit, i5-4690k gtx970

same also can play on a server for short time then when it crashes i can not log back to that server again and have to start over. it is also a wide array of issues just not one showing up again and again. Some it just dose not get past “server data” some i wake up for .05 sec befor it crashes some gives me big ass error. the only way i been able to play on toronto server is if someone kills me i can play again for a short time before it bugs out again. Been checking rustafied seeing if there is any new but nothing so far so must be rather large issue that is taking time to fix.

I’ve gotten the issue where my mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen and won’t move, but this has only happened to me when I get forced back to the main menu, or sometimes after an alt-tab. However, going back to desktop generally gets my mouse function back and then I just force quit the game. Probably a separate or only half related issue.

I have the same problem when freezing on my Win 8.1 Pro

Use arrow keys when you open up taskmanger and go down or up to Rust. Then use Alt+O to close it.
No need for a mouse here, if not present.

I am going to teach you something awesome, that I use myself for closing down programs that aren’t responding, I have the same issue as you, and this works every time for me. This will also work with other programs that stop responding.

  1. Go to your deskop

  2. Right click desktop / New / Shortcut

  3. Copy the text below EXACTLY into the next part.


  1. Press next and then finish.

  2. Now right click the shortcut (should be named taskkill) go to properties, and from there you can change your shortcut key. CTRL + ALT + END is recommended.

Any time a program stops responding, run taskkill, it will close them.

Sometimes happens to me too. If all else fails, pressing the windows button brings me back to the tile menu I never use and from their I can log out, which closes everything.