When Rust is schedule to become a SURVIVAL game?

Just want to know because this game is market as:

Game Type: First person, multiplayer-only, survival

But the only survival aspect of it right now is to survive other player trying to kill each other for fun because they have nothing else to do… since we do not really have to use our time to survive the element and the environment.

So my question is do you know when the Survival aspect will be implement in the game or if it will stay like it is and continue to evolve in a mix of Sandbox & Shooter type game?

Debuffs for being cold and wet are being planned, if you’ll notice when you jump in the water an indicator pops up saying how wet/cold you are. Basic needs like food and drink are already implemented as well, these things will come with time.

i waiting for the day im standing on my tower/base at night and i see a pack of wolf patrol through the area randomly! and the hope that anything that cause light or maybe the smell of food cooking attracts the animals to ur base. in order to get out u estential would have to kill them all. or dead animals or people laying on the ground would have the same effect. but thats all way way down the road but thats the stuff that will make this game alot more fun.

The starvation/thirst/cold aspects are in and have been tested previously, they are basicly turned off just so other aspects of the game can be tested more easily. Along with the marketing you mention was a lenghty warning about this being in devlopment and as such not playable in the true sense of what the final product will be. If your looking for a pure survival PVE game this wont be it, there will always be a lot of PVP

Garry will balance things once the systems are implemented. Along with things like cold and wet, he is making biome and weather specific debuffs as well. At the moment, it is easy to build and survive in sandbox because he wants server stress testing to be done while he is implementing new systems and optimizations for clients (like undulating speed-trees). I would expect this to stay as it is until Garry implements a support based building system at the very least.

Any idea on whether the maps will be increased? 64 square KM seems large, but when there’s 100 players in there, that’s less than a square KM per player; with the spawn points seeming to be fairly repetitious (not 100% on how that works), it’s quite easy to see how a persistent server can resemble downtown Tokyo in a short few months of persistence.

I just think surviving should be made much much harder. Teaming up with strangers should be worth it over killing strangers. You should be allowed choice of course, but there’s not really a point right now to team up with a random guy because you’ll easily be just fine alone. Kill someone, loot his shit and you’re set to survive anything that’s not another player.

well we also still dont knwo what the new antagonists will be (zombie replacement). They did those robot sketches but we haven’t seen anything since on the subject. Im hoping long term there will even be entities that require a group of people to kill it.

Time will tell, the game has just recently become stable enough for serious gameplay, I’d rather them take awhile making it perfect then to rush it out and make the game unplayable.

There are a couple of obstacles that this title needs to get past, but you’re quite right. There are definitely some rudimentary changes that need to be made, both to the development team and to the direction of the game itself.


Do you all not understand the concept of “work in progress”? It’s not even close to done. If you don’t like it now, come back in three months and check in.

lol da-fuck?

i think eventually all raids will be subject to weather conditions.

“hey lets go raid the guys near the river!!”

“whats the weather like?”

“bah weather! what ever! we’ll be fine”

“ok go out there and have a look”

“well ok its hailing, come on we’ll be fine”

“well go out there then”

“what ever sissy, fine i’ll go out there!”

player goes out into the storm gets a beat down by hail the size of watermelons then struck by lightning.

3 months? Well, I came back now… after 1 year maybe, too long ago since the last time I fired up this game?
Aside from the new version that looks miles better (wow snow!)…

I am wondering, what is the real vision for this game?
Y’know, when I first bought this game I read “… Stalker…” word in the description…
What’s it gonna be?

I read the latest dev blog, yea I 9000% agree that the game at current stat pretty much just another minecraft, people just building shits - which exactly not what I want to play.
Ever since the first time I played RUST I was thinking - why should we build so much from scratch? I will rather find some abandoned structures, do some “renovations” and call it my hideout.

admittedly, that was a good use for the non-rad industrial buildings littered around the old map. you will probably see that more when more of the remnants etc are in. currently people build all over the wolf statue and sat dish, so i don’t think that will go anywhere.

Rust is about surviving the most dangerous game, other human players. If your ideal survival game is based around scavenging to fill up cold/hunger/disease bars go play the long dark, dayz, dont starve or any other number of games that are about that. The PVE aspect of rust has always been trivial, Rust’s niche is giving players the tools to survive against an enemy smarter than any AI.

Why not both?

Dayz has both, and to be honest the “survival” parts largely feel like an annoying chore. More realistic but completely unfun. I know I am not the only one who gave up on dayz and swapped to rust because rust focused on the danger from other players, which was always the most interesting and exciting thing in dayz anyhow.

A lot of players focused on the PvP side of Rust. A lot of players didn’t.

What it’s ‘about’ is up to the player, really. I think it’s creators leave room for both, and cleverly so.

I think the fact that most (not all) DayZ players deliberately didn’t aspire to anything above and beyond random deathmatch PVP (and punished those who did) is one of the reasons the game never developed into anything more than a clunky PVP FPS lipstick-wearing pig with occasional annoying distractions called zombies. There was so much room for something more… there still is, including for Rust.

IMO, this genre needs to spend a quiet afternoon of introspection on game theory and “where can we go from here”.