When shit hits the fan, the room just gets smelly

I threw this together as a request, hope someome makes it look better.

Work on posing and try gimp if you don’t have photoshop

I expected an actual shit hitting some fanblades, making said shit get all over a room full of people with gaping mouths.

Needs to be done.

You owe me a new keyboard because when I looked at this I vomited on mine and it broke.

Aw, that’s too bad, maybe you should say something nice or not say anything at all.

My mind has been fucked up from the inside. There’s a giant exploding dick behind a some random fire hand black rebel about to hit a badly posed dinosaur, and all of this in a construction map.

Awwww, do you need your pills again? Well too fuckin’ bad, you ain’t gettin’ em unless you want to give a constructive comment.

:v: oh boy

first of all you should edit in muzzleflashes
bad angle, improve it.
the dinosaur’s expressions are stretched, and why is the man floating?
random explosion in the background
gm_construct/gm_construct edit

I’m sorry, it’s hard to give good constructive criticism to someone who probably wouldn’t recognize it if it walked up to them with its dick out, slapped them around a bit in the face with it, then took a shit in their tea.
You also obviously don’t know how things work on facepunch.
People here will rarely give real, valuable input from any sort of an artistic perspective, because the errors are so damn obvious.

Your posing sucks
The map choice was bad
Old concept, done a million times before
You the horrendous explosion effect.

And to top off your already-off-to-a-bad-start Garry’s Mod Screenshot Fabrication career, you have a shit attitude.

If someone tells you something sucks, made them vomit, etc…
You don’t respond with anger unless you want either a ban, or a gigantic retarded shitstorm with multiple bans.
What you DO do, is you accept the fact that what you made is terrible, and move the fuck on.

First off, don’t use construct. That’s a big no-no.
Second, I learned my lesson about using the stock explosion. It’s just not a good idea.

tsss, exactly what I said, just with more words.