When someone has time to answer, not emergency

Hey everyone,

I am new to the forums and just have a few easy questions, one I need a second opinion and the other I am simpley ignorant about. This is not a pressing issue so if you have time to answer me great if not, great.

  1. I am an IT Professional for the local ISP, so I am used to dealing with non game servers, My question is; Will this server suffice for a small 4-6 man GMOD server, and maybe a few other source servers? I am confident it is far beyond requirements but I threw it together real quick like, and I would like a second opinion.

Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2 GHZ
RAM: 2GB DDR 333MHZ Dual Channel
Hard Disk(s): 40GIG SATA (OS Only) 500 GIG SATA For Storage, Servers etc.
Video Card: 7900GS KO Edition
Mainboard: AN8-Fata1ty SLi
OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
Bandwidth: 3x3 Sync

2: If this question irritates anyone I am sorry in advance, I attempted research but found nothing relevant to my particular question. Ok, so I successfully set up my GMod server, and it runs beautifully. Except when people join it does not allow them to get the map that is currently loaded, nor does it download addons. It simpley rejects them (meaning the client), Now I never really played Gmod online that much so my question is, is this behavior normal? Perhaps I missed an option somewhere, and how do I correct it so they can get these things?
I read about server url but its not that important to me to set that up.

Depending on the internet speed, this should work perfectly fine if dedicated.

Thanks for the quick replies, the speed is a 3Mbit up and 3 down syncronous, but like I mentioned I dont want to set up the download url job, its not that important. Is there no gmod integrated download type feature?

Set the maximum download size through the cfg file.


And how do I use this switch, and what does it do? And does it go under server.cfg or network.cfg?