When somone uses mic server lags

We saw high choke while using mic when we write net_graph 4 to console

Gamemode : Sandbox
RAM : 4 GB
CPU : 13.2 GHZ 4 Core
Download Speed: 700 MB/S
Upload Speed 400 MB/S

There is a csgo server in machine too but it’s perfect there is a problem with gmod


Bump please help

Bump need reply guys

Why are you bumping so often? What addons do you have installed? Maybe one of them is doing a lengthy function inside the hook that gets called when someone speaks.

Tried with these combinations

1- No addon only darkrp
2- Yes addon no gamemode
3- Only filesystem addon no gamemode
4- Nothing inside server
5- All things installed

There is only mic hook function in darkrp but i am sure its not because my friend is using same and he had no problem

What does your server.cfg look like? (don’t include rcon password if it’s in there)

Does it lag everyone or just 1 person?

Choke is usually a sign that the server has more data to send than the rate that it can send at.

logging on
hostname “[TR] PheonixRP Semi-Serious Eglencenin Merkezine Hosgeldiniz !”
rcon_password “”
sv_password “”
sv_region 3
sv_lan 0
sv_logbans 1
sv_logecho 1
sv_logfile 1
sv_log_onefile 0
sv_noclipspeed 5
sv_noclipaccelerate 5
//Sandbox Settings
sbox_allownpcs 0
sbox_godmode 0
fps_max 100
sv_maxupdaterate 102000
net_splitpacket_maxrate 50000
cl_updaterate 99999
sv_minupdaterate 20
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 15000
cl_inter_ratio 0
cl_interp 0
sbox_plpldamage 0
sbox_playergod 0
sbox_noclip 1
sbox_maxprops 50
sbox_maxragdolls 0
sbox_maxnpcs 0
sbox_maxballoons 0
sbox_maxeffects 25
sbox_maxdynamite 0
sbox_maxlamps 0
sbox_maxthrusters 0
sbox_maxwheels 0
sbox_maxhoverballs 10
sbox_maxvehicles 2
sbox_maxbuttons 10
sbox_maxsents 20
sbox_maxemitters 0
sbox_maxspawners 0
sbox_maxturrets 0
//Server Settings
net_maxfilesize 30
sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 2500
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 66
sv_minupdaterate 10
//Execute ban files
exec banned_ip.cfg

sv_maxrate 2500

Theres your issue

Raise it to 12800

or just delete the duplicate sv_minrate and sv_maxrate at the bottom of the file.

(also remove anything starting with cl_ )

Solved thanks


I use logging, minor impacts the server when full. Nothing wrong with it at all. Sometimes nice having logs before the server crashes so you know what the console was displaying

The reason I got pissed reading that is because the command is “log on”, not “logging on”

you could of just easily pointed it out instead of just saying facepalm

Honestly I’d think that anyone who ever hosted a gmod server once in their life would have understood what I said.