When the dead ones of the ancient time rise...

…They will bring the new world down.


It’s been long time, and I think that I fuck’d up the colours of the pic and the posing bad but I thought it would be nice idea to do this. So please, forgive me.

C&C Thank you.

I seriously don’t see how

Swords > Bullets.

This theory has been proved even when they had muskets.
incans felt the wrath of 3000 spaniards
millions lost vs 3000

Nice idea, posing is ok but a little odd at places.

Also, the picture is a bit dark, you don’t mind making it just a tad bit brighter? I see just shadows with long sticks hitting other shadows…

cough it was 168 spainards vs. 80,000 Incans cough

Your forgetting they are undead so they might be a bit harder to kill.

That’s right. Oh and I edited it about 2-3 hours because I didn’t get the “perfect” colours for the pic and then I just gave up let that pic be like that. [sp]It was a bitch to edit.[/sp]