When the infected was gone.

After the discovery of the gas that proved lethal for the infected, Zoey could never find peace in a world free for the infected.

And one early Christmas morning, she snapped.

Oh wow! She got some strong thumbs.

background models… give… now…

also nice pic

Blood doesn’t really blend with the picture too well. Too thickly outlined.
Also it’s funny, shadow of the dude on the ground+Zoey looks like a stick figure.

Can’t remeber where I found the models. They are under “Barnes” in Browse. If someone else regonize them, yell out.


Blood needs work yes. And for the shadow. I went a bit over the line with light bulbs.


Tried fixing the blood a bit. Eliminated much of the outline.

The center woman is from this pack here. The hooded black man and the model on the left are from TnB’s megapack. I believe the black man is property of BulletofHell, as well, as he had it commissioned or donated for it.

Why am I in there.

I needed witnesses.

Blood is much better.