when the new update will come in rust?

well idk if that question have been asked thousand times :C im not asking for the exact date, just asking if it will be in 1 or 2 or 3 months…

I’m wondering the same thing too actually. There is normally some mention or hint in the Friday devblog but it seems like it wasn’t mentioned at all so I’m curious how far out they really are. 2 weeks ago last Friday they said it would be in 2-3 weeks…so maybe this week? I dunno but would like to as I’m debating a server wipe since we’re still waiting on more content.

They’re currently rebuilding the game on the experimental branch. As of a few minutes ago we just found out that it has a new map… looks like things are coming along very well. If things keep going as planned then I’d say it’ll probably only be a couple more weeks or so.

Also, there’s a search function for a reason. :zoid:

http://playrust.com/friday-devblog-4/ probably pretty soon. as mentioned above, the trello page is crazy active, the devs are chugging along and getting shit done quite well. I’d guess by the end of the month, being slightly optimistic.

i just cant stand the “fake informations” (no offense :D) u know, things like in 1 week we will make an update, and they dont make one, then after 1 week again the same, and again, and again… u know, if they just say “the update will be in your screen in 2 months!!!” (with 2-3 days max delay)… i prefer that :C

When it’s ready.

I cant speak on any level of Garry and his team (which are doing an excellent job on the updates) but as an example on updates think of it like baking, would you rather wait “15 more minutes” and get a fully made and ready to eat dessert? Or would you take it out of the oven early and let it be a saggy sack of crap? Things take time, perfection takes time.

of course i can wait,u misunderstand me :v: i prefer to wait a bit longer and get a nice update then not wait and get a fuzzy bunny in the face… example

1:in 2 next weeks update will come
in 2 next weeks update will come
in 2 next weeks update will come
in next 2 weeks update will come (yeap it came in those 2 weeks)

but i prefer this

2: in the next 2 months update will come(it actually comes in this one and half month)

ya know what i mean? :C

anyway, ^^ my question i did in the first place is already answered anyway, no reason to discuss other pointless things :stuck_out_tongue:

appreciate all the answers and your time guys ^^ good luck with ur work garry… cheers :slight_smile:

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