"When the sound of the playgrounds faded, the despair set in."

Two versions of this picture, pick your fav;


FPS view for teh competituin.

coolish mate!

The right side is a bit empty, but otherwise this is pretty great.

cool beanz

The color scheme is too hot and a bit flat, in my opinion. It doesn’t fit the supposed background story/universe/etc.
Though, the general atmosphere given by the posing, fine and credible props-placing looks very good. I really like this kind of subject.
At last; due to the color scheme, some ashes flying or some smoke could have looked great. Like, you know, the city is flaming ruins and all.

another colour scheme is under progress, so i’ll see how it turns out with a darker and bluer colour scheme.

regardless of it color scheme i still think its exellent

Thanks guys.

Nice mask effect.

Can I has link for map?

I think I prefer the cool version. Composition is a bit dull… looks a bit overly like a video game, as if you’re approaching a pre-destined group of NPCs in STALKER or something. Nice pic anyways.

kinda what i was going for. whatevs, thank you. :slight_smile:

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It’s a half life map that i don’t remember the name of.