When the SWAT enters your home

Here is my newest screenshot Enjoy! :godzing:

one time the swat entered my home to sexually assault my father

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it was REALLY enjoy

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the sky looks very authentic


where did you get your inspiration from? it reminds me of counter strike

wasnt this based on the columbine shooting? im pretty sure that was cited by dailymail

This is the most accurate fictionalization of the Waco incident that I have ever seen.

This is bringing back flashbacks.

Lets say you have crack and weed in your home in darkrp. Someone reports it then you hear swat entering your home :ohno:

oh ok but instead it should be money printers

:suicide: shouda putted that in…(thats what she said :sex101:) next time i make a screenshot about the police ill add that in.

FYI: I also added you on steam my username is Evil Otto

i love the way the ct’s shadows blends with their guns shadows, great lighting 10/10

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