When they go to get right ddos attacks?

If you get no remedy left many users unhappy rust, 3 days seems excessive to me if


I think it’s attempting to communicate with us.

Jokes aside, I didn’t understand what you were trying to say, please clarify it.

I think he’s saying as a consumer, he is disappointed with this product and is leaving and maybe he’ll call up his card holder and tell them he didn’t authorize the transaction and get his money back.

Translation : He got his server ddosed for 3 days and had zero support / solution from his GSP.

Only a few rust GSP offer ddos protection.


I think he’s saying that the servers have been DDOS’d and rendered useless for the 3rd day in a row and no one’s doing shit to fix it.

Not only that, but now I can’t even connect IF they do fix this problem apparently (Researched this other problem also).

Now it’s saying YouAreAlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer and I’m pretty sure this error spawned due to some screwed up lag just from their bad servers being ddos’d during the last time I was able to get in. And I’ve read it’s another problem that is totally random and effects 1 in 3 players and doesn’t have a fix and takes anywhere from 1day to a week to be fixed (they have to restart the server apparently and I guess only do it every so often).

They should have the resources to fix these problems. Servers shouldn’t be ddosable by one person. And if they were, they could fix it by simply blocking the port and setting the port to something else or blocking their ip/dns or blocking proxies. Or get better/bigger servers and move the data to those.



you have no idea how DDoS works do you

Distributed Denial of Service

there’s a bunch of computers all hitting the server, you can’t just block one, nor can you block it with a port

He could have a super computer, or multiple computers. Or multiple connections. Using botnets to do it still might show the source. I sense you are a script kiddie.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Seriously? “He could have a super computer.”
Don’t talk about things that you entirely don’t understand. I doubt that the servers are being DDoS in any way, it’s just people being hyperbolic, as usual.

You don’t know what a super computer is? LOL NOOB

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I smell new.

Even if LordCrypto was a script kiddie, he still knows what he’s talking about, something you can’t convince us of after what you’ve posted here.

The problem with a DDoS is that the only way to firmly stop it is to shut down whatever’s being attacked. And that’s the point of the attack in the first place, so they win.

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I heard the DDoSer is using the Internet’s fibre lines against it. They’ve been corrupted into evil dark fiber. Now they only DoS sites.

Once more, what’s ACTUALLY the problem is that the servers can be denied service in the first place. They certainly are weak if they can be ddos’d by one person and my laptop can’t be. They have to plan these things and have good servers for this stuff.

You really don’t understand how DDoS’ing works.

Your laptop could be denied service so much harder than a Rust server if it was exposed to attack and anyone actually cared.

You don’t even understand how these attacks work and why it’s so hard to defend against them. Please actually shut up. You’re just making yourself look like a bigger fool with every new post.

Spit mountain dew all over my screen. Thanks for that.

Also, why are you on the forum trolling if everything works fine for you on your private server with 2 people on it (both hackers). The forums are a place of talking about problems of the game. 5600 posts on a single game forum, nn to say anything else.

Please. Please just stop digging yourself into this pit of stupidity.

You (very clearly) do not know what you’re talking about, spare yourself (and us) and do some research before posting about DoS attacks of any kind.

DDoS protection is very very expensive and quite honestly doesn’t always work that well. Especially nowadays with how accessible everything is. Why would the devs spend so much money for DDoS protection on a server that’s already filled with cheaters and runs like crap most of the time?

Talk about a waste of money.

Since DDOS’s are so hard to defend against and you are so good at them. Do it to me right now bro. Go on. Mr uber 1337.

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DDOS protection is not very expensive. It’s harder to ddos something than it is to defend against them. No wonder, I just looked and saw you have Gold member. Nuff said lulz.