When they will be out the update????

In Friday Devblog 7 it’s no writ when the will be update

I don’t even think the devs could answer that question very accurately right now. It’s a ways out, be patient and wait like the rest of us.

At absolute minimum 2 weeks, check back then. In the case I am wrong steam will update the game anyway to let you know.

Maybe a few more months from now. Just guessing.

I think 2-3 weeks, from the dev blog’s, to me it sounds like the updated core game will be done in that time and they will push that out. I don’t think any new content will be in it though

they said 2-3weeks, 3weeks ago … but yeah, looking how far is the game at, probably another 2-3weeks.

I think you guys are missing somenthing here. They are NOT going to update the default branch anymore. This will be the legacy branch.

They are porting the “better version” of everything to the experimental branch and when that branch gets fully playable i assume they will make that branch as main one and the current one will be the legacy one. Garry als mentioned that you will be able to play on both branchs in case you dont like the how things are being done on the experimental branch.

They are constantly updating that branch.

I also noticed that in the past two weeks their work started to “flourish” quite faster. I assume they already did most of the time consuming tasks.

The new members of the FP team are doing a nice work already <3. Nice to see the team growing. Garry must be happy.

So far i’m loving what they are doing. Especially the first person or third person ( or both ) option. Letting the players pick what they want is the best thing o do and the only way to please both sides.