when trying to load game, stuck on unity web player

So i recently got a key (30 mins ago) and when i try to play the game after i registred and signed in and all, its just stuck on unity web player picture, after i downloaded it and installed it, whenever i refresh, close reopen browser it just opens the same thing, it wont load… I am on a 3 year old laptop, on vacation on a semi shit internet, but is that the only reason, il be home on my swaggy PC in 4 days, but will i be able to play on this laptop? if yes how do i fix this? thanks in advance


Try use google chrome :wink:


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It is stated a lot of times that rust doesn’t runs well with an integrated gpu. I bet you have one on that laptop. :slight_smile:

they give the troll spiderman who posts useless stuff a key… so mad

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How did you get a key if I may ask?

Way to be relevant about this guy’s issue. If you get jealous over a person getting a key instead of yourself, you definitely don’t deserve one.

On topic, integrated graphics don’t seem to work well with Rust, but your best bet is to cler your browser cache and/or update Unity.

They gave someone an idiot account so they could come on and bitch about nothing… So mad.

Why are you being ass exactly?

It’s as always on here in the forums, all these guys are just jealous. They’re hating on the rust key threads like the one with the streamer, because he had actually a chance to get a key and they haters are just jealous and of their creativity and their luck. Instead of trying to achive a key by a cool idead they just hate on the others that do.

If I wasn’t sure that it’d be a waste because he will either be banned or not interested in this place anymore (due to giving up on getting a Rust key), I’d buy him the custom title “Butt” in large obnoxious letters. Especially given his name.

Pat said in the latest update that the issue has been resolved in the latest Unity update, so that shouldn’t be the problem here.
As for the answer to the question, you can update your drivers, or try Firefox.

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Does Rust work for you now? I’m on a laptop, with an integrated gfx card. It downloads everything and then Unity gets a ‘fatal content error’

Water I’m getting the same error

FOUND A FIX :slight_smile: