When trying to spawn model it Crashes

My friend created a model and when he tries to spawn it - gmod crash. It’s a model without .phy, a mask of metrocop elite


Care to explain more?

My friend used " 3D Studio Max SMD Import Plug-in - Import SMD model files " to import smd to 3DS Max 2012 , and then he cutted off the mask and he used “wallworm_model_tools” to export it and then he converted smd to mdl using GUIStudioMDL and his gmod is crashing when he is trying to spawn it

maskelite.mdl , maskelite.dx80.vtx , maskelite.dx90.vtx , maskelite.sw.vtx , maskelite.vvd (whole model)

I honestly have no idea what the actual issue is.
Normally, StudioMDL would crash if there were any issues with the qc or the SMD(s).

My friend set bad settings. He chose gameinfo.txt of css instead of garrysmod when using GUIStudioMDL.

So yeah issue solved. Anyway thx for help.

Why is it rigged to two different bones if it’s just a prop?