When was the Garry's Mod first released?

I know gmod 10 and whatever is called garrysmod but when was like " gmod 1" released .

The readme file from a copy of Garry’s Mod 1 that I have was modified on 12/24/2004. That may be close to the date it was released.

December 2004


Gmod 1 was mod that allowed us to rope things together with crossbow and it made pistol to shoot out manhacks so … it was pretty boring back then !

wow i would’nt have thought they’d release something thats not really got much to it…

The good old days :slight_smile:

This is a very long time ago.

we need a timeline of all Gmod Versions… that would be cool

Indeed that would be pretty cool. Maybe a video or something accompanying each one?

There’s some threads like that but they never got off the ground.

It was free. Go figure.


List & download of previous Garry’s Mod versions.


You might not believe but I downloaded garrysmod 1… And I played it for 4 hours straight… The game is extremly enjoyable because you can rope npc’s I kept roping npc’s with others… Really funny image… Also if you gravity gun them they will become 2 / 4/ 8 ecetera… Love that game <3

Garrys mod one was sick when back when hl2 was the cutting edge.
I just loved shooting manhacks around. then connecting cans and other thing together I remember trying to rope manhacks to cans so they’d float around. Don’t remember if it ever worked.

They’re missing the 8.4 beta (which was renamed 9.0) and the 9.1 001 and 003 betas (no, not 9.0.1).

Gmod 9.1 was actually pretty cool. The Clua in it wasn’t completed, but you could do some cool stuff with it.

As far as I know, 9.1 was the geta (Gold-Beta) and not accessible for everyone.