When will duping and lag switching be fixed??

When will the duping and lag switching be fixed??? its ruining the game

Helk said they will be looking at it today( one of the devs)

Yeah, i hope they fix it… especially duping it makes all the items in the game worthless not to mention massive server lag from people building massive structures just because they can.

But i must stay i hope the dev team patch all the holes before the map wipe hopefully once they have done this everyone can be on the same playing field. (besides the lag switchers) God they are annoying…

Any form of cheating to get an edge is but hey, some people just don’t have any integrity. But realistically whatever the game and whatever the title there are always going to be there.

I just hate it even more so when good players resort to it

Its alpha. Stuff breaks, stuff gets fixed. Something we gotta deal with.

Our job is to break things, their job is to fix them.