When will mating be added into the game?

Part of survival is procreation. With the addition of female characters, there should also be sexual reproduction. New players to the server will be born into a family as opposed to starting on a beach. You will have to obey your mother/father for a certain amount of time before being able to venture out into the world, though during such time you are kept warm and fed in their base. Keep in mind if you get raided, babies can be stolen and sold on the black market as they can be researched for health purposes.

That’s a horrible idea. Nobody wants to play as children.


Putting aside what a terrible idea this is…
What research?

You just want to watch digital sex. No amount of reasoning will change that opinion.

Skyrim has mods for that if you know where to look :v:

lmao oh my god man

Advanced medkits will require a jar of stem cells


To many damn children playing this game as it is and you want to add more? Please

Just when you think you can’t read something more … I’m not sure if the word I’m looking for here is “disturbing” or “sad”.

Bad enough half the players crouch down to your crotch to sneak a peek at your junk when your spawned in naked.

sorry bro this joke’s been done before

You and your 3 inches can procreate with me, bby.

I bring you a message from the ghost of cringes past (January 2014):

I’ve honestly never posted in this subforum before but this thread is something else entirely. Where do you even come up with babies as a research resource

I want to simulate an African child soldier, good idea bro.


i’m all for the idea of stealing babies to ‘research’ them :quotes:

i want inter-species breading in rust


scratch that, inter-cellular sex with trees and bears and shit to improve strength and agility


oh hell why not make it so that you can drink your own piss too right? oh and poop on people’s door steps

[sp]Seriously, mating in a game full of horny kids will be a terrible idea[/sp]