When will new Rust update come out ?!

i am looking at all this cool shit on playrust.com and i just can’t wait, and i couldnt find release date anywhere 0.o?

There is no release date. Just like pretty much any other early access game out there, it’ll be done when is done.

Be patient and wait like the rest of us or play on the experimental branch.

I appreciate in two months.

The new experimental branch is still being updated to get caught up with the old version of the game. Once it’s caught up new features will start releasing faster. They already added a couple new features to the experimental branch like procedural maps, so they’re definitely getting closer.

At first they said nothing about the lack of updates, then just said “a couple more weeks”, then “a couple weeks more” and now that it’s been 3 months since the last real update they’re not even trying to fool us anymore. It will be at least a few more months before the new Rust is in a playable state. Which is understandable I guess. They’re pretty much rebuilding Rust from scratch.

If it ever comes out

If you want an ETA then I would go with two weeks. Its not to far fetched looking at the progress they have made so far.

If they manage to complete all the work required to make the new version playable enough that they can phase out the old version within the next two weeks I will shove a running chainsaw up my ass live on webcam.

That should encourage the team to rush it out.

I’m guessing at least 3 more months