When will optimization be implemented?

I was just wondering when optimization would be implemented for rust. My computer is quite bad and I would just like to know for Game play purposes.

whats your system specs

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ram processer and gfx chip/card

i have a amd a6 quadcore processer with integrated graphics and i run at about 15-30 fps

yeah that sounds just about dead on, those apu’s arent all that great

i suggest you get a card equal or better than a nvidia gtx 650 or amd 7770 and a stronger power unit if needed (most likely if prebuilt)

Even if the game gets the best optimization in the world I’m pretty sure that integrated graphics will never run it. Just like Tey I would suggest you get a new power unit and a gtx 6xx

im building a computer in december with a i3 and a msi gtx 650ti so will i be able to run it then?


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but you really dont need a whole new computer