When will pumpjacks be back ?

Is there any plan to bring pumpjacks back? Yes they were broken but if they are nerfed, I believe they can be implemented back in the game. Just a little balance needed. I liked the idea of having quarrys gettings lots of ressources for you. You still have to farm a lot to get those pumpjacks up. This will also reduce the amount of farming required in the end game (I’m all for that) and increase the amount of action in the game. I hope Garry plans to bring them back but with some balance.

Agree pump jacks are amazing! Now that flame throwers are on its going to be nice

They won’t be back far as I’ve read. All it does is create huge walled off bases where no one does anything except stay in their base crafting ammo and c4.

That is exactly why pumpjacks need nerfs. But they are still a great addition to the game. You still have to get a lot of wood for everything so you don’t stay in your base. Also people tend to leave their base a lot more for raiding/fighting. I just think that farming is required at some point but not for an entire wipe. Hitting nodes for an entire wipe is just not fun. We need quarrys being relevant and allowing us to obtain ressources without constantly hitting a node.Besides, Rust is a lot more fun when compounds can be built because it makes everything more complicated when it comes to strategys.

This is why there are community pump jacks. Get out of your base, defend it while you mine, and try to make it back to your base with your oil/fuel.

on high pops server its just not worth it

Get ta huntin’.

Pumpjacks were a great addition I believe. I’ve never played with them, because I own this game too short. But as I saw them in youtube videos they were great! With the addition of the XP system it would work out fine. At this moment I played like 15 hours and I’m level 11. I still cannot make more than the eoka and for someone who can’t play more than 10 hours a week I’m experiencing this as quite hard to get further. (But it’s actually great to hide and raid stuff with less possibilities) (key locks are currently bugged in the pre release so this makes it even more fun!)

Going back to the topic; if pumpjacks are available at level 75 it would take like 200/300+ hours to get these. Still it needs a lot of resources which makes it had to get. So you can focus on having the pump jack, which needs 300+ hours of farming (while getting killed mutiple times) or you can just enjoy the game and wait like several months before you can use the pumpjacks. It will be also a very nice object to trade with someone.

I played like 15 hours in that pre release server. 200 hours total.

300 Hours till you reach the pumpjack? How should that work server will wipe a lot.

Yeah, but I expect that your progress is not deleted when the XP system is implemented. Probably it will “BP wipe” (in this case; XP wipe) less or not when the XP system is send to the real game instead of dev.

If it takes 15 hours to get to level 11 and there’s 30-40 levels all up, they better not xp wipe very often. 15 hours of farming, mining and chopping trees is pretty ridiculous. They need other ways to get xp that doesn’t encourage killing people. Unless they can provide a better way to earn xp then just hitting trees, rocks and animals for hours on end this xp system is going to be a complete flop. No one wants to spend 40-50 hours in game doing nothing but farming mining and chopping just to get to end game, that sounds horrible.

I agree to that. Probably you’re able to become lvl 11 in like 10 hours, but I’m cautious in order to not being killed every 10 minutes. But yesterday I played like 4/5 hours and went from lvl 11 to 14. I felt like I was getting not any further while investing a lot of time. I have like 20k stone now, while I’m having a pretty big base.(the locks are bugged and thus not available, therefore I built a 4 story high base to prevent that people opening my door and just walking in)

Yeah so that said, I have farmed a lot of stuff and even so much that I’m not able to use it anymore. (never played on vanilla before so I’m not familiar if that’s part of the vanilla server) But having 5k gun powder and still being at the point where I cannot use it really sucks. I can only make handmade shell and pistol bullets are coming at level 16 I believe. So I have to struggle another 6/7 hours collecting stuff I cannot use before my gameplay will change somewhat. In that view I would say that the XP system needs a little bit of balance.

Nevertheless I will still defend the point of the pump jack must be an end game item. If the XP system will be more balanced and the pump jack will be available at lvl 75 it comes down to 100-150 hours of playing rust. Which will be more fair to the players who invest a lot of time in Rust, but will also make the people with less time to play more attracted to raid bases where pump jacks are located. Just because they will experience the fun of an online raid or they will know for sure that they will find a big pile of loot. (This was actually different with BP system, because the pump jack doesn’t mean that someone has a lot of loot, it was more defining the luck of him finding the pump jack BP.

And you can reach higher levels by killing animals, people, very little by crafting and by farming. So just playing the game would be enough and will not be boring at all. (100-150 hours of just playing rust is very common for a lot of you)

The problem, as stated, is that it’s too easy to just stay in your base and turn Rust into a FPS Tower Defense game. Since each crude yields 3 LGF, and 1 LGF yields one crude, all you really need to do is harvest wood for your refinery. Use that LGF to power a few mining rigs, and you literally never have to leave your compound – at least until animals stop clipping through walls.

I agree with everything you said, but I’d rather farm in the beginning (we all have to at the start), get those pumps and quarrys up and then manage them instead of farming constantly to get ressources. Managing pumpjacks and quarrys is actually fun, and it allows you to build more than just a base, you build a compound on your territory. Now, the solution to still encourage players to go out and not camp in their base is to balance the pumpjack.

For example, you could have only 1 pumpjack in a very large radius. If you want to go further away to find an other, it’s possible but it’s risky because it will be far from your base.

Or pumpjacks can be crafted with specific parts that only drop from airdrops/chopper.

They just need to find a way to restrict the amount of pumpjacks per group to 1. That means you can run 3 quarrys, not 7 or 9. If I can have 1 or 2 quarrys running the entire day providing me ressources, I’d be happy.

Oh an other option is, make quarrys only produce 1 type of ressource but in big numbers. So you either get a lot of stone, a lot of metal ore or a lot of sulfur. No hqm tho.

I’m sure there will be a lot of balancing once it’s introduced.

If weapons and ammo are available in barrels and crates, that helps if you aren’t “leveled up” to where you can craft them yourself.