When will Rust Alpha be out?

I was just thinking Garry (creator of Garry’s Mods), I was just thinking that when will the Alpha come out for Rust, because me and my friends love this game so much my friends and I are always watching ArtemisKnives play Rust and we are like O.M.G dude we have to get this game. please tell me when this will come to Alpha, I will love you and your developers forever, This will be the next GenGaming :D.

It’s already in alpha. If you meant open alpha, there’s no set date or any talk about it as of yet.


It is in closed BETA as in it passed alpha and in beta. BUT because it is CLOSED beta only people with keys can get in. I don’t have a key but I am making something for the art contest!

Bro it be alpha

Okay, thank you for replying, and I hope for this game to skyrocket in the NexGen! And don’t mind if replying back when the the game date is coming out.

It’s already out. :v:

So are there any plans on when the Beta starts? Or an etimated date for the release of the finished version?
I watched quite some videos about the game and I really like what I’ve seen so far. Would definitely be willing to pay for the final version.