When will rust be finish?

How long will this alpha stage be , help jesus!
And please make it more like legacy…

I can’t wait anymore… i get old. Grey Hairs already! <3

Rust will not be finished soon, Im sure they will keep adding new content for a long time.

considered asked …“Uh, No”

I can agree with OP to some degree. Legacy was broken. It was full of bugs, glitches and exploits. But everybody used them, and it had some charm to it. Even though I love the new Rust (although I’d like some optimization, but I know it’s not a priority ATM), I kinda miss Legacy.

I know ONE person that prefers legacy over experimental. And why in the actual F*** would they make all this progress to the game just to revert it to an old buggy version??? Check their plans for the game HERE and tell me which one says “Revert To Legacy”.

I believe it’s currently on track to be finished the second Wednesday of next week.

Really? I heard it was gonna be finished in 1967…

Its not about going back but Legacy was kinda Competetiv Survival. More Strategic at somepoints like a Base Positioning and stuff like that. the Fact is Legacy was the ONE map they need to Optimize Hapis as much as possible

On the money. Competitive survival is the keyword here. It’s what I miss in new Rust. Grinding contest is not competitive to me.

I don’t want Rust to revert back to Legacy but saying no one likes Legacy over new Rust is plain ignorant. 90% of my friendlist that played Legacy still prefers it over the New Rust for many reasons and that’s fine. The New Rust is a different game with a different vision than what Legacy represented.

Still I’d love to have more ways of getting on top of a better geared player by superior skill/tactics because right now that’s near impossible. Furthermore I agree the map is still not on the same strategical level of Legacy’s map but I’m hoping Hapis will get there eventually.

I can point to a reddit post that shows a lot of players prefer legacy (btw, many more Rust players post on the Rust subreddit than these forums) . Of course people will deny this, or put out their own view. But you cannot deny the MANY posts by players saying legacy was more fun for them.

I hope FP staff are thinking seriously about this: why was legacy more fun for these players? What was lost when they made the new version? Combat, movement, loot and BP distribution, progression, the maps, resource grind - are all things they need to look at to think how to improve. And adding new weapons or clothing will not fix any of these issues.

Is raiding, progression, and the loot system really the where they should be? All of these are completely different than we had in legacy. Progression and gearing up is totally different. Building, decay and tool cupboards are totally different than in legacy. With the new systems, why are they not making the game as fun for some players?

It is pointless to debate which version is better. But it matters a lot that many players think legacy was more fun than the new Rust.

The legacy map is one things that made the game more fun. That map is broken up into small distinct areas separated by mountains. This makes it easy to learn and remember all the different areas of the map. Plus the rocky mountains are so good because you can hide and climb onto all of the rocks. I would take the legacy map any day over the new maps. Dessert and snow areas are cool, but the rocks of legacy made the game more fun. The last version of the new maps, though, are a big improvement.

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I agree they really need to do a lot. At this point Hapis is nothing like legacy. I hope they know adding rad towns and roads will not be enough. It was the rocky mountains and many small separate areas that makes the legacy map good.

I have a feeling we will never get a map like legacy’s, but instead Hapis will just give us one map to memorize. I think they will add a lot of cool things to Hapis, and it will be nice to have, but it will never be in any way close to the legacy map, except having a road loop.

Maybe someday we will get an Map Editor for Rust, then i will sit down and make Legacy Rise again :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. It added a new playstyle, lone wolfing. You were able to stalk people by hiding, you could lose your tail by running in weird patterns through the rocks, etc. etc. That playstyle is completely non-existent in the new Rust. You’ll see your enemy coming if you’re not blind and you can’t sneak up on people if they’re not blind.

Someone else already has a bet with me that they will reconstruct a replica of Rust_island_2013 as soon as the map editor is available (if that happens). What they might not know (because they didn’t ask what the bet meant) is that if they lose the bet they get permabanned off the forums. :v:

Another Win has been achieved