When will rust be playable?

Right now, its just a tech-test, nothing to play, no content just testing new stuff. When will rust be back to normal with the new mechanics so you can actually play it?

With the progress they’ve been making on the new rendition it might be a matter of weeks.

This game hasnt even hit beta yet. For it to be as great of a game as everyone is hoping, any game breaking issues need to be addressed before official launch.

Some of these bugs won’t even manifest until the game is in the beta phase of development, which is also likely to be the time that the “experimental” branch catches up to the “legacy” branch in terms of playability.

Cliffnotes: I would say not before January 2015.

What he really means is how long before we can build houses and shoot each other (and have pretty much everything legacy has), in which case yes, a few weeks is probably correct.

Before Garry was doing the weekly blogs, I was a bit worried about this game. It was a great game that looked like it had lost focus.

However, all that has changed.

As well as that, the improvements over the last month have been really good. The building blocks are all there. From here on in, it just looks like new models need to be added and the building system needs to be finished. That’ overly simplifying it, but you know what I mean.

It’s only going to be a few weeks I think before GSPs can host the experimental. Once this happens, more bugs will be found, more fixed, and I think you will see the game improve a lot in a short amount of time.

It will be ready on September 9th

Acording to garry (not sure if he was trolling or real) it’s September 17th 7AM.

Still… that’s a tricky question :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm.

garry has refused to nail any firm deadlines for Rust’s “release” or “finishing” or the experimental being “ready” because all it does is put more pressure on him and give him a deadline to probably fail. Instead of setting deadlines that exist only because impatient idiots want him to give a date, he’s focusing on making Rust.

The man often works evenings/nights on Rust; he’s putting in over 40 hours a week on it, every week. He’s not a slacker, games take lots of time to make.

I feel like it’s playable now in a casual way. I spent a couple hours the other night just exploring and hip shooting naked asses. A couple weeks ago a bunch of us spent hours building skybridge/skytown. I realize these things aren’t for everyone but it still counts as play to us.

i’ve not had a shot of experimental yet, simply because i know my partners laptop will not run it. soon though…soon…:v: