When will Steam Workshop fonts be fixed?

It’s annoying when you put a workshop HUD on your server and EVERYBODY complains about the HUD looking ugly, the text. And they have to download an entirely separate file which will just make the average GMod player get annoyed and leave the server forever. When will fonts from the workshop be fixed?

FastDL it.

I too hope it will be fixed, but shouldn’t this have been posted in the “Next Update” thread?

The problem is it costs extra money which I don’t have much of… heh…

Just use a free webhost for FastDL

I can’t find any even after Googling… Any suggestions?


Free web hosts? for FastDL?

I had used a free web host (000webhost) just for my sv_loadingurl webpage, and players often saw a “CPU limit reached” error webpage instead of my loading webpage…

If you want to make a serious server, that is always online, you will have to buy a FastDL, or if it’s just one font that you are sending, you could let the game server do the job.

I hope this bug will be fixed too.

It is on the list of things to do in the Next Update section :stuck_out_tongue: