When will the Artwork Contest Pay Off?

Im not begging for a key or anything. (I got over it that I wont recieve one anyway.) I just wanted to ask, is anyone even watching the Thread about the Pictures? And/or will there be a word from Garry or ANYONE from the Facepunch Administration? And lastly, Are there ANY rewards for even participating in the Thread? :suicide:

he already is and keys have already been given out for making a drawing

better luck next time!

ehh, are you sure? cuz if they already did and they didnt lock the thread people (like me and many others) will keep posting with high expectations of getting a key… imma be kinda dissapointed if what you say is real.

if your drawing is good, you get a key

if it isnt you dont get a key

its not like there’s x number of winners and thats it

draw better to get a key!

ok but in your comment you said that the keys had already been given out, and i posted my drawing not too long ago. Did they already give them out yes or no?

omg reading comprehension

keys already having been given out does not preclude keys from being given out in the future

The Giveaway is still active, if he sees your artwork and thinks it’s good enough, he’ll pm you a key, if weeks pass and no response, try again.

all i wanted to know, ty.

they are not giving out x number of keys. they already gave out some keys but they will give out more to the people with good drawings.

So I’m guessing that the mods/Garry haven’t seen my image on page 37 then? I’m not saying it’s the best but I think I created a quite decent image…

I just uploaded my drawing like an hour ago, i hope he is still watching the thread cuz Id really like a key:/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/ey6.jpg/

Did you have private messaging turned on?

I didn’t have mine on if he did send me one would i get it now or am i in a big problem?

Yep. Turned it on before posting my image.