When will the experimental branch be available to the community?

I’ve been wondering for quite a while about this…

At what point will the experimental branch be available for community servers? I appreciate that it probably won’t be until the build is being updated less frequently but I can’t figure out at what point exactly this would happen?

Just to be clear, I’m talking about hosting the experimental branch with GSPs.

I’m guessing when it replaces the legacy branch as the ‘default’ install of Rust.

And garry has said that will happen when more people are playing on experimental than the old version. And that will happen when the experimental branch is actually playable.

When will that be? No firm dates have been given or suggested, don’t bother asking.

Or, it’ll be a little sooner than that when garry is ready to spread the server to wider testing (and the population becomes too big for Facepunch to feasibly run enough official servers), but that still has an ETA of “when it’s ready”.

Why would I not bother asking when I have a whole forum here specifically for the purpose of discussing things like this with the Rust community?

I’m not asking for a firm date, I was asking people to speculate about at what time in the production process this would happen. So, as you said, when the default install is moved around.

However, I would like to hear more opinions. So, please, instead of appearing so negative, why not have a decent discussion?

Peoples’ opinions on how long it will be before the devs have prepped the experimental branch to the point of it being ready are pretty much pointless fluff. I mean, you can have a discussion where you fantasize about how soon it’ll be ready, sure.

But it doesn’t change anything about how it’s actually going to happen. And the way you phrased your OP does not make it clear that you’re only idly musing on the question and not asking the devs for the answer.

If you think I’m being a grinch here, please feel free and continue the discussion. I’m not trying to censor people from posting.

I wouldn’t say I expect the developer’s to reply to my threads or even read them. In fact I’d probably prefer they didn’t read half of the shit I ask on here.

I’ve not had servers on an alpha game before, so I’m not sure what the ‘normal’ process for this kind of thing even is, if there is one. The fact is, the developers could wait as long as they wanted until the game as at whatever stage to release it. The most useful thing would be to look at what they have done in the past. Now, as I only started playing Rust in February, I wasn’t before rust was available on GSPs. So yeah, at what stage in the last build was the game released to GSPs might be a better question? And do you think that they have reason to change the way they dealt with GSPs this time around?

I see garry and lightblue-named people (Facepunch Studios devs) cruise through the forum on a regular basis. Most of the Facepunch devs don’t ever post or even rate, they just read, so they don’t leave permanent traces.

But they read a lot. They pay more attention to the community than appearances suggest.

Server files were distributed to trusted GSPs when the game got too popular for the official servers to contain after launch. Prior to Rust launching on Steam, it was only playable on the Unity webplayer, which meant you had to download the game’s files every time, and the only servers at all were dev-hosted servers.

I don’t remember the exact date, but the point is that garry basically gave the server files to GSPs because it was less difficult than managing hundreds or thousands of servers in-house. He did it because he had to. I get the feeling he didn’t really want to, but his hand was forced because the alternative was handling servers for 40,000+ players himself.

When experimental gets too popular for the devs to handle themselves, I imagine we’ll start to see GSPs being able to deploy experimental branch servers and the community server mass will start to transition to the new branch.

That’s just what I needed to hear…or read. Whatever.

Thanks for the help :smiley: