When will the issue with crashs be fix?

Ok guys so ive been trying for hours now to play Rust but i cant log in no more then 2 mins max if i am lucky without it crashing i know im not the only person this has happend to, just would be nice to have and idea or an update explaining what the issue is and that it is being assessed.

Thank Stroudy

It’s probably your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not just me and its not just my computer look at the forum look at github over 50% of players are having the same problem!

No, it is a problem with the game, more accurately, the engine.
Unity is, perhaps, the largest bag of shit that was ever made.

I think, it is the best that you can get from a BROWSER.
I never thaught that kind of nice looking games could be even played on a browser.
So yeah it has problems but it is more than normal at then end.

Why no one is not even remotly grateful these days :frowning:


Would you happen to be running an AMD processor?

Yeah forgot to tell you about the new grass that is making the AMD using computers getting crashes…

This is my comptuer speccs


As mentioned it seems AMD processors are having a bit of a hard time.

You also have a relatively low amount of memory for 2013.

Runs just fine on my PC. Never has crashed… Ever. So yah, it is his bag of shit PC rather.

Maby so but i had no problem before the grass update and im sure i speak for everyone who has a really uptodate computer and still having the same issue

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If you look around, its not just me there are loads of other users having the same problem!

As previously said, yeah AMD is the issue. You could try updating windows with the latest updates and also clearing your unity cache, but id doubt that would help.

i would like to add i run a 6 core amd processor and i have no issues apart from low frame rate for the game on high so i play on low and its fine.

Whats the lowest possible settings you can have in the game
obv awesome level at 0
What about multisample x2 x4 x8 ?
and also texture filtering what the the absolute lowest setting thanks :smiley:

This been fixed yet? :o

Nope still alot of user with this problem hoping for a fix soon


I’m sorry for being bold here, but can’t we just rollback the game to the version from October 2nd and update it when the bug is fixed?

That way the devs have all the time in the world to fix it, the forums won’t get spammend, the players won’t get annoyed and we can once again play the game. :slight_smile:

Its not just purely the updates fault that servers are down. It’s also the server purely itself, i’m not sure if garry invested in crappy server hosting but I do know for a fact that its from the server hosting itself.

Because Unity is a step to making your own engine when you finally just get fed up with it.
Trust me, I USED to use it.
Besides, Java can run in browsers and it is much more stable and only just a little harder to learn.