when will the rust add more then 4 guns

why does rust only have 4 guns in the game. if their were more guns the game would be more interesting. they should add like desert eagle, Uzi, double barrel, and m16

it only has 4 guns because it’s an early alpha. i’m pretty sure they’re planning to add more weapons

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those are also the most generic weapons you could possibly name

That’s why it’s a alpha, and not a retail game yet.

Just wait for more guns to show up later.

o ok

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do you think in beta you will be able to buy it, or will u still need a beta key.

Depends on what Garry wants to do, I’ll leave it at that.

The answer to all of your questions so far in this thread have been answered by the sticky at the top of the Rust subforum titled HEY LISTEN UP READ THIS OR GET BANNED: Alpha keys and forum rules. Updated July 20th.