When will they finally unsuck the mouse feeling?

Right now it’s just terrible. The mouse feels verry laggy and the over the top weapon sway just makes it even worse.
Also the way how the player swings the wepon in first person is so annoying, espacially when holding a rock and sprinting.
I don’ know why they didn’t stick to the legacy mouse feeling.

Makes the game unplayable for me.

Hmmm the mouse isnt laggy at all for me, its even way better then in legacy.

THW stone swinging is annoying yeah, same with THW dann Mead shacking when gathering.

If you haven’t already, try disabling the motion blur in the video options. It made a huge difference for me. After turning it off, I can’t figure out why anyone would want this option enabled.

Its definitely the weapon sway what makes it feel bad compared to other fps titles.

this is a pretty old thread, not really relevant anymore to comment on it.

As the mouse feeling still sucks, I think it’s still relevant…

garry needs to reduce idle sway on weapons.