"When will this fight end?"

I got inspired by the “SMOD2” background …
took me 1 hr total, i know its on gm_flatgrass so dont blame me

I guess gordon would be thinking …
“When will this fight end …”


i hope u like it
any c&c ?

Smoke looks liquid.
Finger posing is a little off.
CS:S default weapons.

Looks pretty good, just dont use construct, and the sunglasses don’t really fit. and his posing is a bit off
and now because I’m so weird…
“Dat construct!” :smug:

there is some major clipping on the hand and shoulder, and its on gm_construct.

thank you … i’ll try to change it

For nice weapon models I suggest this pack:

Larry G’s big weapons pack (Contains like 440 different weapons):


Wystan’s Magless Weapons (Contains some nice weapons, with and without mag)

For smoke try googling “Smoke” and try using a soft one or soft it with the eraser.
(Dont make it too curvy like)

And for the finger posing just look at pictures of people holding guns and try to emulate their pose.

i made that smoke in photoshop …
i’ll try to make it better

No. Don’t. Learn to pose and learn to edit later. People need to stop trying to both at once because guess what? It doesn’t work.