When will unity support more than 2 cores?

Any updates on when the unity engine will be updated to support 4 - 8 cores? I am having issues with lag around large bases and being lucky enough to see that my cpu usage spikes to 100% in 2 cores only when around large bases. Would be great for any information on when the engine can support more cores.

Ask unity. Odds are no one here in this forum knows the answer to this question.

Unity can handle multithreading above 8 cores, but supporting multithreading in general is a very complex task for games, because most games do not divide up their processing into separate batches of logic that can be gracefully handed off to different cores. It’s something that Unity supports, but it can’t just be flipped on with a magic switch, because the game’s execution now has to deal with potentially doing some things out of order (and having to resynchronize constantly and keep track of what each core is doing).

The real question is, “Will Rust support more than 2 cores” and I don’t have the answer for that but Rust may not be the kind of game to make incredibly heavy use of multiple cores. Here’s Far Cry 4 relying on very few cores even though 8 are available (and called out as the recommended system specs):

fps games don’t tend to handle multithreading well, because all of the game physics and activity has to be handled together, which leads to most games using one giant thread that pushes one core to 100%, and then playing sound and processing sound filters/etc. goes on another core. Depending on the game, the game physics calculations can be split off to a separate core, leaving one core to handle execution of all of the game logic except for physics and pushing two cores hard. (GPU-based PhysX is a whole other story, too.)

so atm more than likely cpu speed will have better effect than cpu cores? I run a server with 2 quad core xeons but they are only 2.33ghz each core. So atm to fix my issue upgrading to 3.16ghz xeons would be my best bet?

Server-side and client-side performance are entirely different situations. Your server’s performance would probably go up if you threw a bigger GHz number on it, but I don’t know that you’re going to see performance gains that are exactly proportionate to the numeric GHz increase. There are other aspects of performance that aren’t dependent on the hardware.

I’m not a dev so I can’t claim to know how to improve the server performance or if it would be possible to make it take advantage of multithreading. However, because the server has to keep everyone in sync, it’s probably pretty challenging – I don’t know that it’d be worth it to try and get the server to process separate groups of players on different cores (e.g. a group raiding a base and the base’s defenders, all to one northern corner, would be handled separate from the big fight happening down by the beach), because it’d be a ton of hard work to get the server to be that smart… and what do you do when those separate groups suddenly merge? Either the groups continue to be on separate cores and there’s the possibility of desynchronized execution (not good), or everyone gets shoved onto the same thread which means everyone stays in sync but performance tanks (not good) compared to just a minute before when the groups were separate execution threads.

Thanks for the detailed respond. From what it seems my server is experiencing, massive fps dips only when players are building and using c4 that could be a start to look into is the cpu’s. My connection is strong enough for 75 players before bottlenecking. I have tested that thus i have a 64 slot server running 4k map. Thanks Ill start looking into cpu’s first then possibly the HD, with are sas 15k drives. I have rust on its own drive.
Also my server is set to 1k fps and usually is at 850-920, when building or using c4 it drops as low as 80fps

The 1K fps cap is a lot of what is maxing out you cpu core. I rent a full dedicated machine for my server and used to have my server fps way up high like that and had the same problems with the server maxing 1 core constantly which is never a good thing. Now I have it capped at 150 FPS and it runs a lot better, especially when getting up over 100 players. Garry has even told us in the server owners slackchat that letting the server run at that high of a framerate really isn’t going to make any difference to players. You should email Bugs from Rustaified about getting an invite to the server owners slackchat. Lots of good info in there

Thank you! Ill look into that!

Also please look at your server tickrate. This can affect your CPU a ton. Default is 30, but it can go as low as 15. I have mine set at 20. As said earlier in a post, fps should not be set higher as it doesn’t make a difference. I personally have my server set at 135 with no issues as all, but I would not go higher than 250. Most of facepunch official servers fps are set between 130-140 fps. Rustafied servers are set 190-215 fps.

server.tickrate 30
server.fps 130