When you buy a key now , can you be delected for inactivity?

Hello everyone , i have a little question on the ‘‘Key Store’’

So , i know you will be keeping acces to the BETA - Full Game when you get a key , i also know that since RUST exists that when you are inactive for 1 month that your Accout gets delected.

WIll that be the case anymore , since you BUY the game now?

Thanks for any replies!

(Sorry for my english)

PS : I really want to help develope this game by bug reporting etc… and i really want to be a Alpha tester i want , i will try and i will be on RUST Often .

dear god did you really have to ask this…

yes if your inactive you will be gone forever cause garry needs active testers.

If you paid for the account ( Bought it via playrust.com/buy ) it wont be deleted, ever. The inactive account deletion was an one time thing.

I have no problem with that , i would love to be a tester for this game! . Im not going to buy it just for playing it like that , also to test and bug report! But i guess ill have to wait till tomorow…

Your account won’t be removed for inactivity. Read above or use the search function. Garry has said that it was a one time thing.

It wont be removed this time because you actually pay for the game. Its like with any other game, ya pay for it and its yours forever (unless you hack or some shit).

Thanks for your Reply bro! Was very usefull :slight_smile: Im gonna play this game alot anyway :slight_smile: But i wanted this game just to KNOW it , as i havent found any other treat asking that.

Thanks my good sir.