When you die you have all the stuff you gathered before the death

Topic says it all… Is it glitch or is it for the ppl so they build up faster?

why isnt this in the bug thread? :dance:


Kk thanks

Garry why dont you answer any pm’s? :frowning:

I’m not Garry, but can you imagine how many people must PM Garry directly on a daily basis, thinking that that’s a better way of getting help with whatever instead of making a thread?

Imagine Rust idiots… only Garry’s Mod has been going for years.

Edit: I wish there was a rating for “wooooooosh”. The point is, Garry probably gets a metric fuckton of PMs a day, and if he answered them all, he’d never have time to do anything else.

i never PM garry about rust :l just a question that i had for him to do nothing about any game.

Why can’t you ask us here, we can usually give you an answer.

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(User was permabanned for this post ("Joined to advertise" - verynicelady))

cause it was a personal question i asked garry :confused:

He’s not a fucking psychologist. This is a public forum and not a help centre. Ask the questions on the forum, because you won’t get a reply from Garry. He is most likely overflown with messages asking for Rust keys.

it wasnt a question about me, i already asked the question on the forums. :dance: