When you die your soul shall return to me... (Shadow of the Beast 2 remake)

A remake of the death scene from Shadow of the Beast. It’s a little scenebuild trying to capture the atmosphere of that scene.

Oh and tagged this NSFW because he’s nude. Just in case.


The moon took my soul

dat ass

It’s very flat and It’s not hairy?

I thought of Slannesh taking The Eldar (really thats what happens and they have to wear stones to protect em cause theyre smart cunts.) but really nice pic!

There also seems to be some kind of faint light in his ass.

the moon took my cloths

What model is that? :v:

I see like white/blue-ish spots in the air trying to fly towards his face…


That’s no moon.

It’s a space station.

Also why people shoot lazors from their chests to sky?

Multi purpose male nude. It’s just the body with a dummy head. You have to use the inflator tool of the male you want and try to fit in with the body. It’s pretty hard and annoying to do it but it works.