When you enter the hood...

This is my newest screenshot…Hope you enjoy! :joy:

i like it

nice poosing and good lightning 10/10

Thanks for my new desktop wallpaper.

Easily the Michelangelo of our generation.

The message sent by this pic is so deep, man, you are an artist.

Reminds me of my poses from 2009, keep up the good work!

please provide source information/inspiration

and which one are you

and who is holding the camera

Can you show what the original looked like?

quality work man, keep it up !

  1. This happens when you enter the hood You get killed

  2. None of them are me :buckteeth:

  3. I was (trollmad3)

marry me

scene overview please?

I like the picture, but it obviously has some flaws.

Just look at his face. Does it look like the face of someone who’s about to get whacked? The expressions seriously need some work, it can make or break a picture.

But I do like the symbolism that you’ve sneakily included.

A shadowy that can be interpreted as the protagonist’s guardian. Sent from who? God? It makes the viewer wonder if, that, you know, what if there is a higher power at work? Maybe the protagonist is going to be saved by divine intervention? We’ll never know.

A powerful piece affected by some flaws, but I’d like to see more from you.