When You Wish Upon A Star

Hopeful wishes for the new year.

I think i clicked on the finding nemo thread by accident.

And by that i mean she looks like a fish.

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Also, seriously for a moment, why do you keep making threads for big, boring pictures?

They go in the other thread designed for, you know, pictures that dont need threads.

Also please stop using soft glow.


Read the third post of the second page before you post

I was like, “Oh, well, I mean I guess it’s alright. Model’s textures are fine and all… looks kinda… special though.” and then I was like, maybe I should tell him, “Good job” but then I looked in the top right corner and thought, “Why the fuck are there grey circles?” And then decided it wasn’t that great because really it’s not.

You’ve made barely any improvement in however long you have been doing this.

And I swear to god if you say something along the lines of, “There’s just no pleasing you people”
I will get offended and report you for being racist and melodramatic.

You gotta stop using all these same colors. And on top of that I have no clue what’s going on.
Is she staring at the sky? Fireworks? Some guy she just fucked that’s really shiny for some reason?
She looks like she’s exerting her every effort to look up and I have no fucking clue why.
I’d rather have a picture of a clothed ass with a pretty sky in the background than a face of some mentally deficient chick staring at her sweaty, shiny lover.

And that low-res texture (i think it’s a log?) is just gross. Shoulda gone with like grass or something.

Most of it is the model’s fault, not yours, but still, it’s bland, dude.

empty, soulless eyes. she has stared into the Immaterium. corruption highly likely. cleanse with flame. venerate the Immortal God-Emperor

Her eyes reflection look like she’s getting abducted.

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Also the model looks like its got a shaved unibrow.

I just now noticed that.

just the way Rastifan probably likes it

That’s some scary shit

Trunten would you stop humping rastifans leg?

We’re all bringing up valid criticisms.

it looks as if she’s staring up in silently terrified awe at a creature that has been summoned to our universe from the impenetrable and unknowable void between worlds, and shall now teach all of Man to revel and murder and be free and hedonistic in ways not of our Earth, and bare witness to an infinitely destructive holocaust of fire and madness and joy.

perhaps she’s just realized that such a creature is beyond caring for the mighty cost of this. perhaps she’s just realized that she’ll soon know the same of herself.

why spare a thought let alone a post for some rating spammer

Because im still sure its his alt.

While that may be true, you don’t have to be jerk to someone who is simply just rating a random post on a random message board.
I still find it hilarious people freak out over a ratings system on a message board anyway (no offense to you, just speaking in general).
Although you rate me dumb all the time so what’s the difference anyway.
It’s just funny you all only come into his topics to complain, yet you supposedly dislike him so much… you still click on his topics.
I just come in to enjoy the humor of it all.
So then tell me why do you even bother viewing his topics, unless you’re all just trolling him.
“Valid criticism” indeed.
Do keep in mind I’m trying to be civil here, since we don’t even know each other… yet you insist calling me out over a petty little thing like a rating.

You must not have ever seen MarphyBlack, Butthurter, and Roberrto in any Steam or L4D topic.

So go contact a moderator or administrator and trace the IP addresses, lol.

Is that a fake factory model? The face looks really weird.

Please don’t generalize.
I go into many topics. The ones I post in simply mean I have something to say.
And the way I say it is up to me. I like to be abrasive and sarcastic.
But again, don’t generalize.

And SN, don’t even bother.
If someone does something to you you don’t like, take it to PM’s, dude.

oh i have and in other topics too. they’re becoming so predictable it’s already boring

Trunten don’t bother:downs:

First a innocent pose between two girls having a drink was turned in to rape. Now two innocent eyes looking upwards for hope and wishes for the new year are turned in to abduction.
There is a pattern here. And they call me a pervert. Are you lads being dense on purpose? Really?

And, not to be harsh or fall back into the usual cycle (which is exactly what I’m doing (winner)), why don’t you ignore them, stop trolling, and pay attention to what criticism (my post) you get.

Seriously. Stop attention whoring and actually try. Otherwise I’m going to have to start proving to mods that you’re just a troll and try and get you perma’d.

it’s honestly a god awful looking screenie, the model is just terrible, the “Big cute eyes” are so off and the eyes themselves look so… horribly made it’s insane.

there’s pretty much no effort put into it aside from “Looking up” and that’s it. Nothing else, There’s not even any real creativity in the coloration of it. It simply is very… boring.

just now looking at your other threads you seem to like facefactory as well. This explains the liking of terrible overly objectified aminehy super duper model tier females.

one person mentioned abduction, dont get menstrual about it

however, in my opinion it looks like the money shot, which wouldn’t be surprising, considering it’s from you~

**also the pattern is you posting one-second, lazily made images and being rude to people who tell you their thoughts and opinions.

the pattern is you being arrogant.**

right in those eyes mmm yeah