Whenever I load a save my game shut itself down

Whenever I start GMOD everything runs well, opens the main menu, shows me my gamesaves but whenever I open a save it loads up to the last two bars, freezes and shuts itself down and doesn’t have a pop up! Can anybody help me?!

Hey Mate your not the Only one having issues i cant even load my crap either been scouring the web but a buddy on steam told me if you did all then Cache Validating / defraging he said if you Spawn too many random items like alians Npcs bombs nukes Cars Ect. and when you save that file it Apparently Clusters up a File in your Garry’s Mod i do not know what file it is but it must either be the Lua Folder or your Cache folder im not sure though.

Hopefully someone sees there Additional Replies and helps us out.

Saving in Gmod is glitchy and buggy.
Tip. Never use it, save you work with ADV dup tool.

I’m having the same problem too.
and Kiwiv2, I’ve almost never had any issues with save games before and I’ve made LOTS of saved games.