Whenever i spawn a prop it's in a material.

I need help to get rid off this, please help me when ever i spawn a prop it goes in a material and it’s annoying me.

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Here’s a picture

Do any errors appear in console?

(Also the DarkRP Text in the bottom left looks fked up)

I was customising hud and no there are no errors. It’s not just darkrp it’s all gamemodes i want to build it’s soo annoying with the material is there some way to disable it?

Btw nothing appears on console just the props name.

Graphical flaw?

Can you take the material tool and right click it away?

Hey guys i fixed it myself and it worked :smiley:

This is what i did i just looking at the console commands i came across this command “colmat_spawned”.
I simply typed “colmat_spawned 0” and the it’s gone i can finally start building normally.