Whenever i try to open Options in Garry's Mod it crashes

Like the title, whenever i try to click the options button the game crashes. I have no idea why, it just recently started doing this.



Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

reinstall gmod?

ATI 3600?
My laptop has a 4200.

Tried it already, did nothing.

And? It works fine really. I don’t have any problems in HL2/CSS/TF2 or the likes.

I play gmod on it on flatgrass, 25-40fps.

Ok, well the thing was that it used to work. Then it just stopped working and i had to use some command in the launch options for it to work. And then it worked flawlessly untill now all of a sudden. I can still play it and all, but it crashes whenever I try to open options. Yes i have tried to take away that launch option aswell. So, instead of giving me stuff about your graphics card, how about trying to help me atleast?

Do you have the latest video driver?


In before the “ZOMFGAWDZ! PIRADEZ!”
Tried cleaning gmod? Verifying game integrity and so on and so forth? (Just the basic shit!)

Of course. And I’m not a pirate, you can even check my steam profile to the right :colbert:

have you set any launch options? Is there anything suspicious in the console? Does a Windows Error Report pop up?

Yes, i’m using -console since that’s the only way to get console up on source games for me. I don’t think there is anything suspicious. It only comes up with “HL2.exe has stopped working blah blah”.

I still need help with this :frown:

It does this to me too!
I was about to make a thread about this


We both have windows vista home premium