"Whenever we retake New York, You're all getting a round on me Gentlemen.

Not today comrade…


I know Foley is floating but :v:

C&C please.

Foley has one horribly broken ankle

less lights more lamps pls

Never give up. Never surrender.

Nice work!

I like it although there’s too many sounds, other then that it’s good.

too many sounds oh god

lighting is also odd, just tossing blue/orange on everything doesn’t work

Great picture! keep it up

Someone’s about to have a very bad day.

Get a winner

For mixing 4 soundtrack in one

thisthisthisthis all you fucking talentless idiots out there THIS. YES. THIS INDEED

and same goes for the whole blue/orange/PURPLE/PINK shit that HunterDNRC seems to be a fan of. you can’t just SLAP random colors in there, it has to make at least some sense. i make night scenes with explosions and fire so the colors are entirely justified by what happens on the screen. THINK, people, THINK