Where and how do you get your inspiration?

To make this thread have content, here’s an image of Sam Fisher:


That was the second to last time I was inspired to do anything, and this photo is fucking dull and boring. The only good critique I’d give it is ligthning (which isn’t really good, especially as it ruins sam’s hair).

My question to you people (with original ideas, heck, ideas in general) is: Where do you get ideas to do your pictures. I don’t ever find inspiration or motivation to finish mine usually.

Marijuana associated with my fucked up eyes and my fucked up mind.

Music, Maria Juanita and obviously my mood.

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Also having sex with this guy is inspiring. Bubz & Weenurs 4 lief yo.

Ok so the only way to ever do anything is to smoke weed erry day. Noted.

I just make something that I like the look of, I don’t make pictures for artistic value or praise - it is merely for my own personal enjoyment.

i jus make pictures so that one day chesty will accept me as his son :smith:

Wow why do you still use that old model

I get inspiration in impulses when I read, watch or listen to something.
If I need to get something done I usually put on some music, soundtracks or just ambient, depending highly of what I want to do and then I’ll just close my eyes and let the mind wonder.

And I don’t need any weed for it.


Jesus Christ and his teachings.

I took that picture before you released the new one. Stop being so sensitive :frowning:

I watch action movies. Helps most of the time.

90% of the time I get inspiration from games/movies or other screenshots posted. I made this because I wanted to experiment with dynamic lighting

In-game dynamic lightning or photoshopped.

And can anyone recommend maps for posing?

Movies, video games, on the spot ideas, books.

Those are usually my inspirations.

Various events that happen or are seen by me etc., e.g. if a really big fight happened at my school, I would go on Gmod and do something based on that fight. Or if some celeb went into rehab yet again, I’d do a parody of that.

The above answers are valid as well.

I usually have my 360 and PC on at the same time while blasting music. When I’m playing splitscreen wit mah homies, sometimes our random ass conversations give me ideas.

Honestly fuck weed

i am inspired by music

infact i listen to the same song in a loop while i pose just so i can keep feeling inspired by it

I can’t even imagine using music for inspiration.

Just goes to show it’s different for everybody.

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also lighting was ingame