Where are all of those constellations that guided me?


Interesting idea. Well done!

my chile, this is raw sex
this is astonishing sex

Really good, but I don’t really get it :v:

“They’re on ya, pal!”

No, but I like this, interesting concept.

A wonderfull picture, and yeah, a wonderfull song

+has like a skyrim touch to it

how does it have a skyrim touch to it at all?

The Constellations? Because you know they existed before skyrim

What model is that woman in a jumpsuit or whatever it is

Did you play skyrim? If you go in the skills menu those constellations kinda look like that on the pic

I get that, but if you look at real constellation charts it shows the exact same type of thing. So I found is odd you linked it to skyrim and not just real life.

Seconded. It looks like a DOA model but I’m not quite sure…

This is mine headhack that i’ve done recently, I’ll release it in pack later.

Loving the Shikari reference. This is pretty much the image that I imagine when he is singing about waiting at the train station.

All in all, a splendid spread. ;D